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Embroidery is a process used to give a professional touch to apparel. It is a completely different process than screen printing, but yields equally impressive results. It is most commonly used on business wear, hats, and jackets. Embroidery does have limitations, but where it can be applied, it usually excels.

The process starts with a high quality image of your design or we can assist with the development of a logo or monogram. The image is converted into a digitized format of individual stitches and colors that is exported to a program that the embroidery machine reads. The item is placed into an embroidery hoop or other fixture that firmly secures it for sewing. After the thread colors and needle combinations are loaded into the computer, the machines go to work.

KK Stitches has a pair of 15 needle, two head embroidery machines. This setup allows the operator to simultaneously run two jobs at once.


Like screen printing, there are multiple effects that can be applied. Embroidery can even be used alongside one or more of the other processes to give a truly unique and very impressive look to designs.

An embroidered article sets you, your organization and your brand apart from others. Whatever your design, logo, or idea may be, we can help you find and then produce top quality embroidered products from one off custom pieces to orders over 1000.